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Reviewed on 7/24/2012 Cinema Forms Now Available on iPad

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Reviewed on 7/15/2012 Cinema Forms Made Public
Table of Contents

Basic Forms

Asset Inventory Log

Breakdown Sheet

Call Sheet

Cast Contact Sheet

Crew Contact Sheet

Location Release

Location Scout Worksheet

Preproduction Checklist

Shot Log

Talent Release

Budget & Accounting

Box / Equipment Rental Log

Check Request

Check's in the Mail

Dailies Shipment Log

Daily Cost Overview

Daily Shipping Log

Equipment Rental Log

Petty Cash Account


Meal Allowance

Petty Cash Accounting

Pro Forma Shipping Invoice

Purchase Order

Purchase Order Log

Time Cards Invoice Weekly

Vehicle Rental Sheet

Cast & Crew

Cast Data Sheet

Cast Deal Memo

Casting Data Report

Casting Report Stunt

Crew Data

Crew Deal Memo

Crew Information Sheet

Emergency Information

Hotel Room List

Hotel Room Log

Individual Travel Itinerary

Intern Notification

Mileage Log

Quick Reference Travel

Travel Movement

Daily Reports

Call Sheet v2

Office To Do List

Raw Stock Log

Wrap Report

Day Out Of Days

Wrap Schedule

Location Checklist

Location List

Supvr Daily Log

Supvr Wrap Report

Walkie Talkie Signout

Wrap Checklist

Insurance Claims

Insurance Claim Auto

Insurance Claim Cast

Insurance Claim Damage

Insurance Claim Theft

Legal Releases & Contracts

Ack of Safety

Crowd Notice

Crowd Notice Studio

Film Footage Release

Group Release

Location Agreement

Model Release

Model Release v2

NonFilmed Location

Writing Credits

Writing Credits TV

Personal Release

Personal Release Payment

Product Placement

Request to Film Extended

Supplying a Film

Talent Use Name

Use of Artwork

Use of Literary

Use of Name

Use of Poster

Use of Photograph

Use of Still Person

Use of Logo

Use of Vehicle

SAG Contracts

Casting Data Report

Casting Data Report Stunt

Daily Contract TV

Min F Lance Contract

Min F Lance Weekly Contract

Min 3 Day Contract

Perf Contract Interactive

SAG Member Report

Theatrical TV Signin

Stunt Daily Contract

Stunt Min FL 3day

Stunt Min FL Wkly

Stunt Min Wkly Cont

Taft Hartley Report

Taft Hartley SAG Extra
Table of Contents

Cinema Forms 1.1

Released on 7/18/2012
  • Added generic Talent Release template
  • Fixed Bug: Cast & crew fields cause app to freeze when your iPad has more than 100 contacts in your contact list.
  • Fixed Bug: Call Sheet template's Geolocation map display looks funny

Cinema Forms 1.0

Released on 07/3/2012
  • Initial Version

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